I am grounded in figurative work, and use drawing as the basic structure to understand a subject before painting. 

Here are some of the principles I believe in:

  • Nature is very difficult to re-create and improve on
  • The process of drawing and painting is much more than recording observations
  • Capturing and displaying energy and emotion is what art is all about
  • Form is important; it’s the easiest thing to which people relate because it’s recognisable
  • Art can be over-intellectualised and pretentious
  • Destruction is as important as creation, and often requires more courage
  • The best art comes from the best materials, just like the best music comes from the best instruments
  • Technique is important but it needs to become second nature otherwise it looks artificial
  • Good pictures look spontaneous even though they have a lot of toil behind the improvised effect
  • Some of the best results are accidental
  • Accidents don’t just happen; you have to create the conditions which allow them to happen
  • Pretty pictures are nice to look at for a day; meaningful pictures can be looked at forever

As I continue to learn I will add to this list.
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